About Atlas Private Investigations

At Atlas Private Investigations, you and your case are our top priorities. Our business is to alleviate your problems and stresses by providing accurate resolutions that allow you to feel comfortable knowing the past is taken care of and the future is bright. We value finding the right answers for you, no matter the situation. Our dynamic private investigation services tied in with our diverse and inclusive culture ensures our clients we leave no stone unturned. Whether you need surveillance to monitor suspicious activity, or a detective to look into fraudulent activity, our team of Professional Private Investigators treat all cases the same way: discreetly and professionally.

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    Why Choose Atlas?

    Our experienced team of private investigators take on a world-class approach to creating strong, long-lasting relationships. We believe in putting others first and doing everything we can to make the world a better place through our commitment to hard work and resilience. 

    Reasons why we’re top rated:

    • Proven track record with a 100% success rate in solving 100+ cases
    • Our Private Investigator Hotline is open 24/7
    • We value diversity & inclusion. Every faith, culture, ethnicity and gender is equal to us.
    • Industry Leading Technology
    • Strategies and techniques are customized to suit your need
    • Cost-efficient, reliable and knowledgeable
    • Combined 12 years in the industry
    • We serve all Ontario

    What makes our Private Investigations stand out?

    Compassion and empathy is our foundation and we stand by it.

    Our Mission

    Atlas Private Investigations is on a mission to provide clients the highest level of professional and ethical investigation services the city of Toronto has ever seen. We are trained, ready and available 24/7 to safely and securely walk you through an accurate results-driven process intended to aid all of your investigation needs. At Atlas, we guarantee answers that provide solutions.

    Our Goal

    By providing world-class investigation services to all communities in Southern Ontario, we take pride in knowing it’s our everyday goal to improve the society we live in. The way we make that possible is by putting the client’s needs above all else and delivering superior results, which exceeds industry standards on a consistent basis.

    Industry Leading Work Model

    We Listen– Our Private Investigators make it a priority to listen with compassion, kindness and respect when discussing client matters. We’re sincere and open-minded with a strict no judgement policy in place.

    We Devise– Atlas’ organized and proficient team is trained to collect information in a confidential manner and transform it into a unique plan that is case-specific and time efficient respectively for each individual. The aptitude to understand and use our systems and programs that support the planning and decision-making process for each case is backed up with our industry leading, court-ready reporting and video documentation, provided by a multidisciplinary team of experienced, licensed, professionals.

    We Implement– Strategic and precise action plans are implemented based on personalized in-depth research done by our top investigators. Once our team collects the necessary information needed, we calculate the risk factors and create an analysis on the evidence presented. Finally, in the most ethical manner possible we roll out a conclusive solution to reach the root of the matter.

    We AchieveYour solution is our success. Our highest rated private investigators understand the importance of finding the truth. That’s why we work with you until the very end. No matter the case, big or small, it’s our duty to get you the answers you deserve.

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    Our Belief

    Leave no stone unturned and in the process of doing so, provide the most professional and ethical investigation services in Ontario to deliver accurate results and aid our clients in all their matters.

    A member of the Council of Professional Investigators Ontario (CPIO)

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